Stalactites - Necklace

Stalactites - Necklace
Stalactites - Necklace: semi-precious stones, glass, tin, Swarovski crystals and stones, Copper and brass.
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Stalactites - Necklace
Laly Jewelry

This exclusive Stalactites necklace, creatively designed by Laly, is sure to make your appearance unforgettable.

Created of fine long strings in different length, a sparkling crystal at the end of each of them, this marvelous necklace will make you feel beautiful and elegant.

Laly finds her inspiration in the primal natural form and color.
The unique combination of materials such as healing stones, Swarovski crystals and copper, creates a special effect of light, color and sparkle in all her jewelry.

Wear your new Laly necklace to create a look of sophisticated elegance appearance.

Color: White (Crystal Quartz).

*Also available in:
         Colorful (Red, Pink and G

Exclusively hand crafted by Laly
Made in Israel

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