Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz
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Purified Crystal Quartz
The top of the Quartz family

These gemstones were specially purified on
Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai's grave.

This article describes the characteristics of the Quartz and details of the purification process, as was performed on that revered rabbi's holy tomb.

Characteristics of the Crystal Quartz:

The Crystal Quartz purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and unites them into spiritual energy.

This transparent white healing stone contains the whole spectrum of colors, so it can be used on each and every chakra.

The Crystal Quartz also strengthens the power of other stones and purifies them.

This gemstone may stimulate development of the third eye and may contribute to the development of awareness.

It is a goood healing stone to be used while meditating, 
holding in hand, carrying or put in a room.

The Crystal Quartz strengthens the body's energy and helps in keeping away sickness and weakness.

Gemstone length: About 2 to 3 cm / 1"

One purified healing stone = $10

Purified Quartz from the Holy Land
The purification process

These gemstones that stand by themselves
have unique and powerful

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