5 Metals Ring

5 Metals Ring
5 Metals Ring
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5 Metals Ring
The good fortune ring

The ring is made from 5 metals and produced once a month, when Jupiter rules the moon.

This ring is the connection of two systems of energy:
The worldly one - the 5 types of metal;
The heavenly one - the ruling of Jupiter over the moon.

This connection creates a flow within a circle of energy which is especially strong and has positive influence on us.
This influence strengthens our body and soul.

This ring is ascribed special powers which give strength, promotion and success.
It also gives fertility, livelihood and successful marriage, reject evil eye and witchcraft.

It has the attributes of saving one from trouble, and gives healing and life.

The ring of Kabbalah, this fivemetal ring - was made with care and observance of the rules as written in the book.
Ma'aser (tenth) will be set aside for charity.
Available on size 11.

Have a goood health, success and salvation

Made in Israel

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